Bud Tymczyszyn

Program Manager, Community Builders AICP

About this speaker

Bud is a planner, designer, and organizer from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He works as a project manager at Community Builders, working every day to help communities across the American West become more vibrant, livable, and equitable places. He has a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana- where he also worked for the Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission and Delaware County GIS Department focusing on bicycle/pedestrian planning and advocacy.

Bud’s interest in planning revolves around his passion for social justice and equity. He is devoted to approaching the public process differently--to putting the community in the driver's seat and giving local leaders the tools they need to create more equitable and livable places for all.

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Highlights: Innovations in Policy and Zoning (15 min.)

David Schultz Bud Tymczyszyn