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Bill Barberg

President and Founder, InsightFormation Inc

Tim Iglesias J.D.

Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law

Michael Shuman

Director, Local Economy Projects, Neighborhood Associates Corporation

Nichol Beckstrand

YardhomesMN LLC, YardhomesMN LLC

Paul Bradley

President, ROC USA, LLC

Victoria (Tory) Clark

Real Estate Development Manager, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation

David Erickson

Senior Vice President, Head of Outreach & Education, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Katherine Levine Einstein

Associate Professor of Political Science, Boston University

Jeff Ochs

Founding CEO, Venn Foundation

David Schultz

Professor, Hamline University

Natividad Seefeld

Park Plaza Cooperative / Manufactured Housing Community

Shawn Towle

Founder, Contained Solutions

Bud Tymczyszyn

Program Manager, Community Builders

Marcella Wilson

CEO, Transitions to Success